"Community Kids Cook"

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“Community Kids Cook” is a healthy food education program with its target demographic focused on urban community youth.  Our mission is to combat childhood obesity while promoting enhanced healthy food exposure (ages 10 and up).  “CKC” accomplishes its mission with a systematic approach to healthy food education via hands-on training, interactive lectures, printed resources and industry exposure (field trips).   The “CKC” program offers a specific culinary teaching model designed to reinforce core academics (i.e. reading, writing and math) coupled with practical and artistic developmental skills.  Equally important is an undercurrent philosophy engaging the value of family bonding opportunities.  With this philosophy in mind, Parents or Guardians are specifically invited to attend classes with their children as volunteers, signaling supportive family encouragement toward healthy food education and the implementation thereof.    

What are the benefits of this program?

Youth benefiting from the “CKC” program will receive valuable information to guide their cognitive and practical perspectives emphasizing improved healthy lifestyles.  With a greater appreciation for knowing where food comes from; what the benefits of fresh organic food products are; writing recipes and food preparation techniques, the “CKC” program bridges the gap between misinformation or non-exposure and healthy food alternatives. 


What will students enjoy?

Cultivate your kid’s health with fresh food education and cooking skills while reinforcing critical academics (reading/writing/math) and team work ethics. Students will enjoy a month long series of cooking classes focused on Summer Recipes, Culinary Terms & Techniques, Appetizing Presentations and The Economics of Food. Parents are welcome to join in on the class as volunteer chef assistants.

2012 Cooking Workshop: Lecture and Lab


 "Community Kids Cook w/ Chef Tarsha" is an Educational Program offered by ECOTONE in pursuit of its Comprehensive Community Sustainability Model for more information log on to www.ecotoneworld.com  

For more info contact Chef Tarsha direct @ (832) 265-9425. View "Photo Albums" section of this site to see the CKC Program in action!

2009 Summer Cooking Camp